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Bright, spacious 3-bedroom apartment on two levels near the
Yalta, Str. Morskaya, 5 3-room apartment , 6 guests 2051.6 per day
From the host in the center of Yalta two-story cottage with
Yalta, Str. Vojkova, 2 2-room apartment , 5 guests 1172.4 per day
Of the host near the waterfront one-bedroom apartment suites
Yalta, Str. Kirova, 10 1-room apartment , 3 guests 703.4 per day
Owner's, in the center of Yalta cozy one-bedroom apartment (
Yalta, st. Dmitriev, 11 1-room apartment , 3 guests 586.2 per day
Two-bedroom cabin apartment, contemporary design, situated i
Yalta, Volodarsky 5 3-room house , 6 guests 14654.5 per day
Rent apartments in Yalta, Simferopol, a new modern house, se
Yalta, Str.Ignatenko, 5 2-room apartment , 4 guests 2344.7 per day
In the private sector, quiet place, a center. Patio with bar
Yalta, Managarova 2-room apartment , 6 guests 1348.2 per day
Rent from an owner in the center of Yalta, one-bedroom apart
Yalta, kirova 46 1-room apartment , 3 guests 879.3 per day
Rent a house in the woods on the border of the reserve. It 3
Yalta, Gornoe 3-room house , 6 guests 2168.9 per day
Renting from the owner of a house in the center of Yalta to
Yalta, Vojkova 2 2-room apartment , 5 guests 1172.4 per day
Paradise vacation in Yalta! I propose to remove to a square.
Yalta, Ul. Pionerskaya 1-room apartment , 3 guests 703.4 per day
Rent 3 - storey boathouse on the beach in a picturesque corn
Yalta, otradnaya 25 2-room house , 7 guests 2051.6 per day
Rent for a long time home in the green zone in Yalta (Crimea
Yalta, Str.Simferopolska 2 5-room house , 10 guests 4975.7 per day
Yalta, p Otradnoe Str.Otradnaya 25 1-room apartment , 3 guests 1465.4 per day
Rent a two-tier economy cottage with all amenities in the ce
Yalta, Vojkova, d.3, 2-room house , 4 guests 1172.4 per day
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